Designed To Smile……even in the Cold


As per usual the first days of spring are less than stellar in Canada. The waiting and anticipation of a season that is so promising of color, sunshine and what people tend to assume is the source of smiles is all waiting on that calendar date that has first day of spring printed on it in magical letters.  Although, we sit inside looking out as the snowflakes still fall, a sparse blanket of white is still laying where we dream of flowers and green grass, where as usual just the day before was so promising with the sun shining, pavement everywhere and puddles, birds chirping and the morning of the first day of spring printed on the calendar date for tomorrow …..the date on the calendar that we know all to well is not going to make the grass green, the flowers pop up mysteriously or the smile fill our face. We act as though we are in total shock that it did not happen. That the sun of yesterday, the birds chirping and the shoes by the door are now a far off dream of a day that will surly not come.

Winter is not the demise of the smile, nor is the cold, nor is the bone chilling wind that envelopes us as we step out the door no matter what time it is day or night. Do not get me wrong, I am no ray of sunshine come the end of winter myself, I also believe it is a season that is about 4 months too long ( you can tell I do not own a sled,) but the killer of joy and smiles……winter is not guilty ( just a close accomplice).

The smile that eludes you is not there because of the way you choose to view the day, the season or basically your world. That upside down frown could easily be put back in the right location with a change in your attitude. You are designed to smile! God has made you to smile, to enjoy and have in abundance. Smiles in abundance, happiness to fill all your days.

The search for the smile, or warmth will make certain fine Canadian folks spend thousands of dollars, travel thousands of miles to a far off location just to evade the cold. So they can smile! Smile in another warm far off country is worth leaving their home behind, family behind and take out a loan, or pinch and save for months to afford to go away before the first snow flake hits the ground………to smile! As they talk about the weather here at home,  grimace and scornful look comes across there face like it is a painful thought, and then a smile beams bright when they talk about the sun and heat of their destination……..that is one expensive facial expression if you ask me. A facial expression and a feeling that is free of charge from God if used properly with what God has given each and every one of us.

I say this as simply as possible….I can always put more clothes on but I can only take so many off before its called indecent and the cops are involved…..and I am the reason you do not smile….enjoy the days, there are lots of things to do, smiles are in themselves an attitude adjuster. It is not possible to smile and feel bad.


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