Designed to…….have money??????

Picking up a book I quickly go to the introduction. The title…..How to Save and Live on Minimum Wage, finally a basics on money 101. I have hit the jackpot, not a mutual fund, hedgehog (whatever that is, I just like to say it), RRSP fund and all the other you already have money books but alas a bottom of the barrel book. I read in anticipation, already making my way to the till.

Halt, stop, actually dead stop! What to do with that $5000 to make it into $50,000.! This is your introduction, the bottom of the bottom, minimum wage help is on the way book…….really! As a matter of fact, it apparently is the book…..or it is just me.

I have been on a search for information, help, hints and tips on saving money, budget plans whatever there is, and this is pretty much the information that I read all the time. Now forgive me if I am wrong, but if you have $5000 saved up I believe you are doing pretty dang good!!! I am hard up to find $5 at the best of times, paycheck to paycheck for some of us in this world is doing GREAT! If someone tried to rob me I would start looking with him and go half with whatever we find. Hey, maybe I put it somewhere and forgot and a burglar would or if he/she is good will know where to look!@!@#

Circumstances beyond my control, a lengthy breakup and a few accidents here and there have put me in a bracket I do not care to stay in for much longer. I guess when you do not have $5 to spare it is not like you can go out and open a savings account and hope for good interest. But if anyone has any idea of a site, book, worksheet please let me know…….After all we are all designed to succeed…..and money helps with the success part.


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