Designed to… YOUR life!


With anticipation and a desire to know what the heck, I along with what I can only assume is millions of others sat and waited for the start of what was expected to be an epic delivery from Bruce Jenner of his transformation into the “woman” stage of his life. So many ideas, presumptions and accusations of simple media hype ran rampant for months prior to tonight. Finally, the truth is told (which is now open to even more assumptions and accusations I am sure) from the man (for tonight) himself to all the followers…..Bruce is indeed transforming into a woman. My question is simple, “Now what?”

As he said himself (I hope I say it right) he wants to “save the world, or hopes this helps the world”. Well  he is not the first, nor is he the last, but the world does need to be saved. Unfortunately, if you ask me transition is not on the top list of things we need to be saved from, by or for. We need to be saved for the outcome of the responses. The responses, actions and lack of are what we all need to be saved from, helped with and lead to an understanding.

Designed to live the life that makes us happy, this should not be a burden built up for years and years. Something we need to hide in the closet, we should be able to wake up, and be us. How far from the truth is this simple statement. How much pain and suffering is this simple state of being to millions of people around the world in a century so open and offering with literally unnumerable ways of being.

To agree with, to disagree, to call it sinful, delightful….I’m not sure I have a foot in any of those. I do know this for sure, in a world so full of pain, pain of the mind and heart, where children and adults are killing themselves, torturing themselves, lashing out in unspeakable ways……which is worse, letting people live happily or the latter? Now for the ridiculous people (yes there are some) who say ( and it was said to me) “If someone feels they are okay to marry a 9 year old, or worse to children…..does that mean we should let them go and be happy?”… response…..shake it off (that was the nice way of not repeating my response).  I am not even going to go there past that sentence. I am talking only of transgender, cross dressing etc. These things do not harm other people, in the sense of hurting with pain and bruises…..feelings of course…..but feelings and thoughts are of the mind. Painful feelings are a choice you make, not the pain they are inflicting on you. There is the difference, how you look at it is the cause of a smile or a tear.

Courage, to take the response and the fear to take the response are the driving force of the number that the media or medical field can use to say how many people do not come out or do come out. I would assume the number is staggeringly much higher than we can imagine if the fear was not a component in it. I myself am scared on occasion to wear my glasses in public for fear of what people will think……yes the struggle is real…..I could only dream of having enough courage and strength to take steps in my life that I dream of.

We only get one life here to live, one chance to pursue our dreams, live happy, feel like we are being authentic to ourselves…..why waste it on the thoughts and worries of people we will never meet, people who will never contribute a darn thing to our lives? Family, friends and even our foes will be better off if we are our authentic self. It is only when we are true to ourselves that we can truly love and be of help to the ones who are close to us.

To Bruce and all the other people out there in this cruel, heartless world…….be you, do what makes you happy and if everyone had the ability to do this……maybe the world would be less cruel and heartless. People would have a reason to smile, feel good about themselves and help one another, treat others like they want to be treated. This is the goal, the thing that we need to do to change the world, make it a stance we want to take. It has zero to do with the decision to wear a dress as a male or a dress suit as a female…’s about the feeling inside and the authentic self love.

We are designed to have laughter, love, prosper and live our dreams……..we are designed to be happy. So I ask you all….really make a conscious decision to LIVE YOUR LIFE however it makes you a better person to help yourself be productive and help others as well. This is what it is all about!


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