Designed to… enlightened?


Book after book, countless authors and titles of various degrees but all containing the same content…..enlightenment, get what you put out, positive thinking….whichever way you want to think about or manifest it, may be a better choice of words, is it the choice of the book that is the answer or the feelings and thoughts that you have while reading the book that makes the great change in your life?

Personally I do not think that any one book, any one author or any one title is the key to the big change in your world! Words in a book are just that, action makes change, and whichever book will give you the push, desire, ah ha moment to go out and make your desires come true, manifest that which is in your heart is the right one….for you.

I have read quite a few of the various books out there. Which one has you living your best life, or showing gratitude, doing that which you love and dreamt of? Please comment below, you may give another person the book that changes their lives. In the meantime, I will give a bit of my view on the topic of…..enlightenment.

There is no wrong in trying to improve oneself, there is no wrong in having to read book after book, or rereading a book if needed to be a better you, to have gratitude and show gratitude, to live a life that is fulfilling to yourself.

Waking up each morning and be eager to see what the day holds, happy and excited with anticipation for the days events, is a morning I have been searching for most of my life. For the past 15 years for sure, I have been praying that there is more in this world for me. Searching for an endless smile, a contentment with where I am……an enlightenment.

What is the one thing that you did that changed your world? Made you have a feeling of, I am here now, or a place where you can say you are happy to have arrived? I wait patiently and read books half heartedly hoping that this one, or that one will keep me curious enough or involved enough to read it to the end.

Peace with where a person is has to be a great destination. I do not think it is THEE destination, the end of the search, but a place of calmness that we all wish for in a world that is spinning, shaking and tossing us around. People now a days are so upset, angry, frustrated and withdrawn that it is hard to walk down the street and smile at someone, no one is looking past their phones, or to say hi without realizing that they have a mechanism in their ears or go past so fast your not even sure if the person was male or female.

Busy people rushing to a place they do not want to be, to do a job they do not like, to buy things they do not need, to look like people they do not like, to never actually enjoying it anyway. This is the life of the normal person believe it or not!!! Believe it…….

When did it all turn around, where did manners, happiness, friendly neighbourhoods, helping one another go? It amazes me that we have a Snow Angel award in my city….this is for people who shovel other driveways without being asked, and people nominate them for this prestigious award. Wow, when I grew up this was the norm not a city reward worthy event. Helping others is a part of enlightment, being kind just because, an inner compassion for others and the world around you. Being at peace with yourself, will bring you peace with the rest of the world, or at least I hope so in my relentless quest for inner happiness.

I’ve mentioned before, where I work, the people do not have many if more than 1or 2 choices in a day of their own. Going for an ice cream is something that they can not wait to rush in the door and let me know that they did it, they got the cone aaaannndddd the hard stuff on it too!!! Excited beyond belief….yet I find it hard to smile for anything. Sad some days, but we live in the same world, yet of two separate worlds. They say I am there hero…….the person they think has it all, a car, a house, and a puppy… life is grand. The truth is……I wish just for one day I could see the world through their eyes, where the color of grass is entertainment for hours, the thought of ice cream has me smiling all day, and just giving someone a hug makes me feel helpful. They are my hero’s, they make me smile.

The feeling I search for is the peace, the calmness and the serenity that material things do not matter, this to shall pass mentality…….is this in a book, is this in life, is this a state of mind with a noting of positive thoughts versus negative thoughts?

The search continues because I am sure we are designed to……be enlightened!


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