Designed to…….stand alone?


Every evening I do the same “to do list” ritual. I write out all the things I will do tomorrow, for the week, and set them in my day planner with all great intention of crossing off everything on the list (insert eye roll)! I read passages, quotes, and the such to give me a boost, a lift so to speak to get things in order.

I already stand alone, single, children all grown up……and my dog, who spends her days laying on her back sleeping has less than zero concern about my succeeding in life as long as the food bowl is full. Seemingly to her this simply is the statement that life is grand, end of the discussion.

The days of telephone conversations, coffee’s in cute shops and sitting on a bench somewhere exchanging the days events, gossip or simply having a good laugh also have all but disappeared… sit alone, stand alone, and talk…..alone. Everyone is looking into a laptop, a phone, tablet or talking into the air like a FBI agent with there finger on a device placed in their ear. Where are the real people? The sincere conversations, the noise of laughter…..?

The thing about the internet is the ability to become someone you are totally the opposite of, a vision in your mind of the person you want to be, if you had the means, the money, the drive to become, whatever your case may be. 1265 friends on a facebook list and yet you can walk by 1263 of them without a simple smile, wave, hello. Yet seemingly you are a popular person!@!@! Really, then why do I sit alone. Why is a Friday night spent looking out the window as the cars drive by, and if I may add, with usually only one person too (even the travel has come to a 1 or 2 person max it seems), there are no more car loads of people bouncing to music, arms waving out the windows……..they drive…..alone.

I recently read a news clip that depression, anxiety, and different disorders are on a whirlwind increase in this new era……blamed on the food of course. DO NOT EAT SALT, SUGAR AND DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT TOUCHING THAT PIECE OF BREAD!!!! Are you kidding me????? Maybe this is due to the fact that talking in real time ( lol trying to be funny) is gone, visiting in person, entertaining not via Skype and periscope and whatever else is out there might have something to do with it… its the syrup on your pancakes….cut t out for pete’s sake that stuff is making you anti social.

What is your take on it? Is it the sugar, the syrup or the fact that no one needs to actually see anyone in person anymore and actually develop social skills, real social skills?


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